Why do I like horses? I think I must be mad.
My mother wasn't horsey - But was my dad.

The madness hit me early - and it hit me like a curse.
And I've never gotten better. In fact I've gotten worse.

My stables are immaculate. My house is like a hovel.
Last year for my birthday - I got a brand new shovel.

I hardly read a paper - but I know who's sold their horse.
And I wouldn't watch the news - Unless Mr. Ed was on - of course.

One eye's always on the heavens -but my washing waves in vain
As I rush to get the horses in - in case it's gonna rain.

And though they're wearing 15 rugs, The best that you can get,
I bring them in to keep them dry - while I get soaking wet.

I spend up every cent I've got - on horsey stuff for sure
I buy saddles, bridles, fancy rugs - and then I buy some more.

I should have had my hair cut - or bought that nice blue shirt
At least it wouldn't now look ripped to shreds and in the dirt

I can't make a bloody sponge cake -I don't even try
But I can back a car and trailer - in th e twinkling of an eye.

It's jeans and Ariat boots that I live in night and day
And that smell of sweaty horses just doesn't wash away.

Once every now and then I dress up for a ball
Make up and a hairdo - with high heel shoes and all.

I ache from long forgotten falls. My knees have got no skin.
My toes have gone a funny shape - from being squashed again.

But late at night, when all is still - and I've gone to give them hay,
I touch their velvet softness and my worries float away.

They give a gentle nicker and they nuzzle through my hair

And I know it's where my heart is - more here than anywhere

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I have read this book and found it very good reading. Great stories and not just because I have one in it.
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Old Cowboy tips....

Take a hair, 12 inches, from the mares tail, tie it to a nail, hold it over her belly hip area. If it circles it's a girl and if it goes back and forth it's a boy. If it doesn't move the mare is not in foal.

Take a twine and tie it to a nail, hold it over her belly hip area and if it circles she is pregnant. If it swings back and forth she is not pregnant.

Take a hair, 12 inches, from the horses tail, tie it to a gold ring and put the ring in a glass half full of water. Hold the ring above the water and count how many times the ring hits the sides of the glass. It will tell the age of the horse.

When training a horse, if you are working to hard, you are probably doing the wrong thing.

        "Every time you ride, you're either teaching or un-teaching your horse."

"Your not a TRUE cowgirl until you kiss the dirt"

What is the difference between a horseman and a rider?
In my view, a horseman knows more about horses than how to get them ready for their next competition or how to ride them in the ring. Ernest Hemingway said that you aren't an adult until you have had three careers. In the same way, I think you aren't a horseman until you have done more than one thing with a horse.
I started making a list of the things that a horseman should have done, but it was too long, so I made a checklist of a few of the incredible number of things you can do with horses. I put most of them on the list based on personal experience, but a few of them are still out there in my future.

Are you a horseman, or just a rider? Have you ever...

Led your horse down to the paddock at daybreak, stopped to watch the sunrise and said a prayer of thanks?
Ridden your horse bareback with just a halter?
Gone swimming with your horse?
Gotten back on a horse that has just bucked you off, even though you were afraid?
Slept with your horse in his stall ... sober?
Been run away with, put your hands down on his neck and felt him slow down?
Ride the side of a mountain in a world lit only by starlight?
Been the first person to ride a particular horse?
Held the pommel while your horse cut a cow out of the herd?
Thrown a diamond hitch on a pack horse?
Held the reins of a four-in-hand?
Been hurt by a horse who meant to hurt you?
Admit your horse knows more then you.
Sat against a tree and read a paperback book while your horse grazed next to you?
Taught a horse to jump?
Delivered a foal?
Sat up all night with a colic case?
Taken off a bell boot while wearing a formal dress or tuxedo?
Galloped a race horse?
Thought to yourself "This is really going to hurt" on your way down?
Made a nervous horse calm?
Jumped your own height on horseback?
Walked with your horse to the barn in a snowstorm, by hanging on to his tail.
Had a bad day at the office, said "the heck with it," and gone for a hack instead of training your horse?
Raced a White tail deer across the alfalfa field.
Ridden a horse above the timberline?
Held the lead shank while the vet put your horse to sleep?
Stopped for a moment to think about how lucky you are to be in a world that has horses in it?

Robbed a train or two.
If you are going to travel with your horses or know of someone who is traveling, check this out. Great places to stable your horses overnight.
sometimes horses come into our lives for a reason, sometimes we come into theirs for a reason.